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Primary Power Services Construction and Field Service professionals provide the full range of field services from daily technical support to procurement, construction management, and as-built documentation on turnkey projects. Our Project Managers and Team Leads have extensive experience managing equipment, material, labor and logistics for low, medium- and high-voltage electrical infrastructure projects.

34.5kV Plastics Manufacturing

Primary Power Services successfully completed the turnkey installation of an electrical power distribution system at the Client’s specialty plastics manufacturing facility. As the Client’s engineering consultant, we collected data on current and voltage distortion, identified the source of the problem, and made recommendations for their original facility. As a result of our ability to identify and mitigate the problem, the Client awarded Primary Power Services the electrical power and control design and installation for their new, expanded facilities.

The original facility’s major load was four (4) plastic extrusion lines that, when operated simultaneously, produced voltage and current distortion levels in excess of IEEE 519 standards. The local utility had adopted this standard as the upper limit for the facility’s service. After analyzing the data collected onsite, we recommended installation of passive harmonic filters and isolation transformers. The Client acted upon Primary Power Services’s recommendation, which provided a temporary solution to excess harmonic distortion.

Growth in the Client’s customer base required that the facility be relocated and expanded to ten (10) extrusion lines. The relocation/expansion design involved re-using some of the original passive harmonic filters and isolation transformers, as well as ten (10) new harmonic-canceling transformers. Alternate distortion mitigation methods were considered, but given the technology available and the facility requirements, Primary Power Services recommended this as the best solution to the problem. Power factor, which had been a problem at the original facility, was also addressed in the new design. The facility’s present voltage distortion does not exceed 1% total harmonic distortion (THD), with the current distortion below 4% THD on most days. Additionally, the facility’s power factor operates within the limits prescribed in local utility’s tariff.

34.5kV Switchgear and Power Distribution

Primary Power Services successfully completed the design of a 34.5kV electrical power distribution system at a very large solid waste facility. This facility, located in southeastern Pennsylvania, is one of the largest landfills in the United States, and is regulated by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PA DEP). Primary Power Services has provided construction services to this client at these facilities since the 1980s. The scope of work included aerial as well as underground distribution, SF6 switchgear, oil-filled padmount-type transformers and 480V distribution equipment.

The facility already had a 34.5kV three-phase, four-wire distribution system, with air-insulated switchgear at the utility service entrance point as well as at other points on the system. Since the construction of the original system, medium-voltage switching and protection technology had evolved from large and bulky air-insulated-only designs to more compact SF6 designs incorporating microprocessor technology for fault protection. The equipment was also unique in that it incorporated a load-break switch with a grounding position that virtually eliminated the need to handle cable elbows and tees after initial installation.

Primary Power Services was assigned the pre-purchase of major equipment; and administered the entire procurement process, from quotation evaluation against specification to contract negotiation, administration and expediting. The project was completed on time and under budget.

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